State of Hawai’i Requirements

Beach Rings To marry in Hawai’i, one must obtain a State of Hawai’i Marriage License for a small fee.  This is a quick and easy process and there are several agents right here in Lahaina that you can easily make an appointment with.  No blood test is required. These are two you may work with if you wish:

  • Sherry Lynn Takushi 808.276.6919
  • Florence 808.661.0887
  • You may also wish to use the State’s online system to save time once you get here: Hawaii Electronic Marriage and Civil Union Registration System. Additional information about State requirements may be found on their website: State of Hawai’i License Information

    Also, please be aware that if you choose a beach wedding, there will be a base $20 beach permit fee. In September 2008, the State of Hawai’i passed legislation requiring a permit fee for any wedding ceremonies being held on Hawai’i beaches. This law was enacted primarily for large wedding companies who set up massive affairs, however, the law covers everybody. The fee starts as a $20 fee than can increase by sq. footage being used. I will make arrangements for this when I collect the fee from you. If you are planning a large beach wedding, please be sure to include estimated size in the “Details” box.

    I look forward to sharing your special day with you.  
    Aloha, Keli’i

    808.276.3738 or

    O ke’ia mea nui I ho’opili e ke akua hiki ‘ole ke’oki e ke kanaka
    “What God has joined together, let no man separate”

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